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OP-1 Mini Synthesizer

Enjoy power-packed performance with the OP-1 Portable Synthesizer from Teenage Engineering. The synthesizer features 8 built-in engines (with exchangeable architecture) with 8 quick-selection keys, and 3 great sequencers, enabling instant live tweaks.

General Features:

  • Eight synthesizer engines with exchangeable architecture can be selected between the T1 to T4 keys, thereby allowing you to switch engines and retain envelopes.
  • 8 dedicated instant keys for sound selection. Built-in 24-voice instant live sampler lets you sample from onboard music, FM radio, 4-track tape recorder, etc.
  • Four-track tape recorder with variable tape speed provides you with an instant way to tweak your recordings live. Six minutes recording time (up to 24 minutes) on both sides of the 4-track tape recorder.
  • Four-track mixer with EQ, effect, and drive for adding texture; master out for fine tuning. Mixer features dedicated VU meter for displaying sound levels, and control over pan, L & R.
  • Multiple effects with exchangeable architecture. Multiple exchangeable sequencers for instant live tweaks. Classic Pattern sequencer to change direction on the fly or shorten the played sequence.
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Possibly the coolest and most powerful synthesizer on the market. This portable music gadget packs a synthesizer, sampler, and controller into a simple and fast interface.

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